SR22 in Oakhurst, CA

In recent years law enforcement agencies have promoted a variety of national campaigns to target drunk drivers in an effort to reduce the loss of life. Getting a DUI or DWI can be a traumatic event and disrupt your way of life. It can feel like a catch-22 where you can't get your license without an SR-22, but you can't get insurance (and an SR-22) without getting your license. We can help you safely navigate this confusing time and eliminate the mystery of how to get your license reinstated.
SR22 Insurance

What is California SR22 Insurance?

  • An SR22 is simply a filing that your auto insurance company makes with the California DMV that lets them know you carry an active auto insurance policy. It's required when the DMV decides to allow a person driving privileges only if they carry valid auto insurance. An SR22 filing allows the DMV to keep track of your auto insurance as the insurance companies are required to notify the DMV anytime your coverage becomes inactive. Usually in California, the DMV will require an SR22 insurance policy to be carried for a term of 3 years. If at any time during these 3 years your SR22 gets cancelled, the DMV will suspend your license pending proof of an active SR22 policy, as well as a reinstatement fee.
  • In California, drivers require proof of insurance filing form SR22 mainly after being booked for a DUI or being involved in an accident without proper liability insurance. SR22 filing is mandatory under California driving laws in order to reinstate your license after being suspended for any of the above reasons. The SR22 form is issued by your insurance company and is filed with the California DMV allowing driving privileges to be reinstated given that all other DMV requirements have been met. In DUI cases, the DMV will likely require enrollment or completion of a DUI course in addition to an SR22.

Whether you are a preferred driver looking for reasonable car insurance rates or a high risk driver required to file Form SR22, New Horizon Insurance Services can help.