Luxury | Vacation Home Insurance in Oakhurst, CA

Luxury Homes
A substantial portion of your wealth is invested into your home. More than the conventional house, luxury homes often need specialized coverage plans and risk-management contingencies. For these homes, New Horizon Insurance Services is proud to offer comprehensive Luxury Home Insurance. Our Luxury Home Insurance is designed for:
  • Homes valued over $1 million
  • Estates with multiple dwellings (for on-site servants)
  • Homes with high-value items on display


Vacation Homes

Vacation Home
There is nothing better than to get away and escape the stresses, especially if you have a vacation home. In more recent years vacation homes have become more and more popular with the average American family, where once they were reserved for only the wealthy. At New Horizon Insurance Services, we do not want searching for comprehensive and affordable insurance to be time-consuming and exhausting process. To better serve your needs and your budget, we find you viable vacation home insurance policies that can be folded into an umbrella or combination policy. That way we can get you the coverage you need and a low monthly premium that is sure to make you happy.