Life Insurance in Oakhurst, CA

Life insurance
Life insurance is necessary for people of all ages; it is much more important than many realize. The reasons why you should purchase life insurance can vary and sometimes it is confusing to determine what type of life insurance policy you should buy. Financially speaking, your biggest asset isn't your home, your car or even your investments -- it's your lifetime earning potential. Not only does your income cover basic cost of living expenses, it covers the considerable costs associated with healthcare, education and retirement. Nobody likes to think about premature death, but it's critical that you protect your family from this possibility by considering both term life insurance and permanent life insurance. Compare the costs and benefits to determine the best life insurance coverage for you and your family and select the option that works best for your particular situation. If you find yourself wondering why you should purchase life insurance, consider the following reasons:
  • To pay final expenses
  • To replace income for your dependents
  • To ensure an inheritance for your heirs
  • To create a source to savings
  • To cover federal/state death taxes
  • To make significant charitable donations (naming a charity as a beneficiary)