Earthquake | Flood Insurance in Oakhurst, CA

Mother nature possess immense power that can raze entire cities without warning. There are two common mistakes that people make regarding earthquake insurance. One, most homeowners assume their home insurance policy will cover the damages associated with earthquakes and choose not to add additional coverage. And two, even if a homeowner is aware of earthquake insurance, they will opt out of the coverage because they feel it is unnecessary. Depending on the coverage options you choose, earthquake insurance will cover the cost of your damaged home and any assets that are damaged on your property. Do not make the mistake of thinking earthquakes are regional or too far in-between. Although some areas are much more of a risk than others, no area is immune from earthquake damage. Plan for tomorrow by protecting yourself from the unexpected today.



Floods can strike fast and out of know-where. If not properly insured, floods can bring financial devastation and leave you with thousands of dollars in repairs and restoration costs. It is important to know that homeowners insurance does not cover floods. While many people see flood insurance policies as an unnecessary expenditure, it is important to keep your home safe and your possessions secure. Don't wait until it's too late. Contacting New Horizon Insurance Services today will get you on the path to flood protection with an affordable and comprehensive insurance policy.

Flood coverage offers protection against but is not limited to:
  • losses that result from heavy and lengthy rain falls
  • storm surges
  • blocked storm drainage systems
  • snow melts